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Menu 1

Crab cakes with chili lime glaze | Mini Angus burgers | Mini cuban fingers | Conch Fritters with hot pepper jelly | Mini wild mushroom and goat cheese tarts | Fresh fruit and vegetable platter

$20 per person

Menu 2

Coconut Shrimp with orange horseradish marmalade | Chicken things – Puff pastry with sun dried tomato and smoked gouda | Crab cakes with chili lime glaze | Monte Cristo bites | Antipasto skewers | Fresh fruit and vegetable platter

$25 per person

Menu 3

Blackened chicken hovans | Chili lime glazed shrimp (grilled and chilled) | Cuban fingers | Smoked Fish Dip | Mini wild mushroom and goat cheese tarts | Fruit and vegetable platter

$25 per person

Menu 4

Beef en croute | Grilled lobster quesadilla with jalapeño aioli | Muffuletta hovans | Crab cakes with chili lime glaze | Garlic and lemon grilled and chilled shrimp | Vegan summer rolls with chili lime glaze | Brie popovers with raspberry and ver jus

$35 Per person

  25 person minimum | Delivery fees may apply | All prices are subject to 7.5% tax and 22% service fee

Cocktail Party in a box  

Please select three small bites (one per person from each selection)

Caprese stuffed popovers | Profiteroles with prosciutto, manchego and red onion jam | Mini beef wellingtons with mushroom duxelle | Crab cakes with chili lime glaze | Cuban pinwheels | Rotisserie chicken puffs with sun-dried tomato and smoked gouda | Goat cheesecake on brioche with fig jam | Mini twice during baked potatoes with bacon, braised beef and aged cheddar

Choice of (1) display (one per person)

Cider braised pork slider with white cheddar on pretzel bread | Roasted chicken flatbread with balsamic, onion and mozzarella cheese | All American slider with bacon and American cheese | Shrimp and corn quesadilla with cilantro and Monterey jack cheese

$20 per person

25 person minimum | Delivery fees may apply | All prices are subject to 7.5% tax and 22% service fee

Appetizer Platter Menu

 Vegetarian Flat Bread
Hummus, roasted red peppers, banana peppers and feta cheese
Small $75 | Large $150

Open faced falafel sliders
Traditional chickpea falafel, caramelized onion jam and cilantro cream
Small $75 | Large $150

Black bean and braised pork empanadas
Traditional black bean and pork empanada with cilantro lime sour cream
Small $90 | Large $180

Cuban fingers
Cuban roasted pork carnita meat with turkey, ham, mustard and Swiss cheese | Served with cilantro sour cream for dipping
Small $90 | Large $180

Smoked fish dip
A blend of local smoked fish with fresh herbs and island spices | Served with cuban crackers, tortilla chips and mixed flatbreads
Small $90| Large $180

Monte Cristo bites
Thinly sliced ham and turkey with Swiss cheese on brioche toast | Served with wild berry maple jelly
Small platter $90 | Large platter $180

Vegan Summer Rolls
Roasted butternut squash, kale and avocado with chili lime glaze
Small $100 | Large $200

Wild mushroom tart
Roasted wild mushrooms with fresh herbs, roasted tomatoes and boursin crumbles
Small $100 | Large $200

Prosciutto smoked mozzarella and thyme quesadilla
Aged imported prosciutto with smoked mozzarella cheese and fresh thyme | Served with red pepper jam
Small $100 | Large $180

Smoked chicken flatbread
Crispy flatbread topped with roasted tomatoes, balsamic roasted onions, fresh mozzarella cheese and smoked chicken | Served with fresh herbs
Small $100 | Large $200

Chicken “things”
Roasted chicken tossed with smoked gouda cheese, fresh herbs and sun dried tomatoes, all wrapped in puff pastry
Small $100 | Large $200

Blackened chicken hovans
Armenian flat bread with smoked gouda, apricots and sun dried tomatoes
Small $100 | Large $200

Muffuletta hovans
Armenian flat bread with prosciutto, capicola ham, salami, provolone cheese, sun dried tomato and feta tapenade
Small $100 | Large $200

Brie and raspberry popovers
Buttery flaky puff pastry with brie cheese, raspberry and ver jus
Small $100 | Large $200

Antipasto skewers
Fresh skewers of cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, artichokes and olives with basil caper glaze
Small $110 | Large $220

Mini tenderloin burgers
Petit Angus burgers topped with aged cheddar cheese and caramelized onions served with garlic aioli
Small $120 | Large $240

Tuna roll
Local yellowfin tuna with cucumbers, mangoes and baby greens | Served with cucumber wasabi, seaweed salad, pickled ginger and lime ginger ponzu sauce
Small $120 | Large $240

Jumbo shrimp cocktail
Traditional shrimp cocktail served with lemons and cocktail sauce
Small $125 | Large $250

Crab cakes with chili lime glaze
Bite size crab cakes made from 100% lump blue crab
Small $125 | Large $250

Beef en croute
Shredded braised beef tossed with bacon and blue cheese crumbles, all wrapped in a puff pastry
Small $130 | Large $260

Steak and potatoes
Petit Yukon gold potatoes stuffed with braised beef, aged blue cheese, bacon bites and fresh herbs
Small $130 | Large $260

Lobster quesadilla
Blackened local lobster tossed with tri colored peppers, queso fundido and fresh herbs, with jalapeño aioli
Small $150 | Large $300

Bacon wrapped scallops
Jumbo scallops wrapped in crispy bacon and baked to perfection | Served with citrus agave
Small $150 | Large $300

Coconut macadamia nut crusted shrimp
Crispy oversized shrimp coated in coconut and macadamia nuts | Served with citrus tamarind glaze
Small $150 | Large $300

Conch salad
Fresh conch tossed with island spices, citrus & tri colored peppers | Served with cuban crackers, tortilla chips & mixed flatbreads
Small $200 | Large $400

Small platter = 50 pieces | Large Platter = 100 pieces

 Delivery fees may apply | All prices are subject to 7.5% tax and 22% service fee

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